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Welcome to the Kurt Files' photo page! These photos are not just of Kurt Browning - they are a combination of photos of Kurt's events and photos by the webmaster (Tina Tyan). Depending on the event, there may be photos of all the skaters in the show, or a subset of skaters, or just Kurt. Search for your favorite programs or skaters, or browse the photos by year and event.

Some older photos on the site haven't been moved over to the searchable system yet, but for the most part, you should be able to search most of the photos on the Kurt Files. It's a fairly limited search system, but hopefully useful.

Some search tips:

  • Don't use quotes or apostrophes, the search doesn't handle them correctly.
  • Don't use search terms like AND or OR or NOT - the system doesn't know how to deal with them.
  • Don't use dates or years. The system currently doesn't know how to search them. So 2013 Toronto Stars on Ice will not result in anything, but Toronto Stars on Ice will.
  • Do searches like Kurt Browning Somebody That I Used To Know to find all the photos of Kurt in the group number Somebody That I Used To Know. Or Kurt Browning Joannie Rochette to find all photos with both Kurt and Joannie in them.
  • Full names and program titles need to match exactly the way the photos were tagged - sometimes it's easier to use substrings like Kurt Somebody.
To view the old photos, go here.

Search photo evidence or browse the photo collection below:

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