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Canadian Figure Skater

4-Time World Champion
4-Time Canadian Champion
3-Time Olympic Team Member
3-Time World Professional Champion
First man to land a quadruple jump in competition

The Kurt Files has been compiled to provide extensive background on the figure skater known as Kurt Browning, aka "The Kid from Caroline", aka "Skate God Jr.," as well as to track his current skating activities and public appearances. The skater has been known to take on various guises, from clown to flamenco dancer to cowboy, but can be recognized by his fast feet and personal charisma. If anyone has seen him, or has any information on his whereabouts, please contact me at webmaster@kurtfiles.com.

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TV/MEDIA ALERTS: (check local listings)

  • 3/30/16 - World Figure Skating Championships* (dance short) - 2-4PM ET/11AM-1PM PT, CBC
  • 3/30/16 - World Figure Skating Championships* (men's short) - 9-11PM ET/6-8PM PT, CBC
  • 3/31/16 - World Figure Skating Championships* (ladies short) - 4-6PM ET/1-3PM PT, CBC
  • 3/31/16 - World Figure Skating Championships* (free dance) - 9-11PM ET/6-8PM PT, CBC
  • 4/1/16 - World Figure Skating Championships* (pairs short) - 3-5PM ET/12-2PM PT, CBC
  • 4/1/16 - World Figure Skating Championships* (men's free) - 9-11PM ET/6-8PM PT, CBC
  • 4/2/16 - World Figure Skating Championships* (pairs free) - 4-6PM ET/1-3PM PT, CBC
  • 4/3/16 - World Figure Skating Championships* (ladies free) - 2-4PM local, CBC
  • 4/3/16 - World Figure Skating Championships* (gala) - 8-10PM local, CBC
* All ISU competitions feature Kurt Browning as commentator. Check local listings. Time zones may be off.


New developments: 5/20/16

  • My photos from the Toronto and Hamilton Stars on Ice shows are up. Kurt guest starred in both shows, and brought a special guest with him, Donald Jackson, skating a duet to "Don't Get Around Much Anymore". He also skated to an instrumental version of Justin Bieber's Love Yourself, and lent Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue a hand during retakes.

  • since 3/5/16:

    • My photos from Skate Niagara are now up. Check out the photos from dress rehearsal and the show.

  • since 3/1/16:

    • Kurt will be guest skating in the Flying Blade's 50th Anniversary Gala, April 15, 2016 in Clarenville, NL. Browning to skate in Clarenville.

    • The Skate Niagara Ice Show was held last Friday. Kurt skated to "One For My Baby" and "Crash". Photos to come.

  • since 2/15/16:

    • Kurt will be hosting the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony's first Pops concerts of its 2016-2017 season, "Skating's Greatest Hits", on Sep. 23-24, 2016. Check the KW Symphony's website for more details.

  • since 2/8/16:

  • since 1/12/16:

    • Kurt will be guest starring in five cities on the Canadian Stars on Ice tour - Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Tickets are on sale now.

  • since 1/4/16:

    • Kurt skated in the Rock the Ice 6 show last night in Peterborough, ON. He skated to Crash Into Me and One For My Baby, and took part in an improv competition with Shawn Sawyer, Jeff Buttle, and Elladj Balde. He had to improvise to Adele's "Hello" and the "Birdy Song." Here is the local TV news report and article/review from the Peterborough Examiner of the show.

  • since 12/11/15:

    • My photos from the second night of Golden Moment Hawaii are now up. This show featured Daniel Dae Kim instead of Billy V as the co-host. I unfortunately have no photos of Keara Hedican's hulu number from this night because I accidentally knocked my contact lens out and was looking for it during her number. The other numbers are all there, though!

    • Kurt was interviewed about Holiday Festival on Ice on 98.3 Fly FM in Kingston on Dec. 4, and they kindly gave me permission to post the mp3 of his interview on my site. Download it here.

  • since 12/8/15:

    • My photos from the first night of Golden Moment Hawaii are now up. Still to come, night two, featuring Daniel Dae Kim as co-host instead of Billy V, and photos from the other side of the rink. Kurt skated to Feeling Good and "Live Aloha" with Manoa DNA singing live, as well as performing a really fun group number with Brian Boitano and Jeremy Abbott. Other skaters in the cast include Kristi Yamaguchi, Brian Boitano, Katia Gordeeva, Shizuka Arakawa, Miki Ando, Yuka Sato, Takeshi Honda, Jeremy Abbott, and Meryl Davis & Charlie White.

    • My photos from Holiday Festival on Ice in Kingston, ON last Saturday are now up. Kurt skated to Feeling Good and Bing Crosby's White Christmas. Other skaters in the cast were Jeff Buttle, Shawn Sawyer, Ryan Bradley, Joannie Rochette, Kimmie Meissner, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, and Lubov Iliushechkina & Dylan Moscovitch.

  • since 11/3/15:

    • Kurt will be skating in the Skate Niagara Ice Show, Feb. 26, 2016 in St. Catherine's, ON. Tickets are on sale now via Internet presale (code SN2016) and on sale to the general public Nov. 5. See the above link for more details on cast and tickets.

  • since 10/31/15:

  • since 10/30/15:

    • Kurt will be skating in Rock the Ice VI, coming to Peterborough, ON on Jan. 3, 2016. Tickets go on sale to PMC insiders on Nov. 2, and are on sale to the general public Nov. 9 at 9:30AM.

    • My review of the Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany stops of Halloween on Ice is up. Photos still to come

    • Kurt's been on tour with Halloween on Ice, playing Quasimodo in near-unrecognizable fashion. Here's some press from the tour:
    • Kurt had to miss the Skate America CBC broadcast since he was on tour with Halloween on Ice, but he will be back to commentate the rest of the Grand Prix events, with the exception of the Grand Prix Russia, which overlaps with Golden Moment.

  • since 10/8/15:

    • Holiday Festival on Ice will be coming to Kingston, ON on Dec. 5, 2015, according to this article. Tickets go on sale Oct. 16 to the general public, and Oct. 14 in an internet presale.

  • Since 9/16/15:

  • since 9/3/15:

    • Kurt will skate in the Golden Moment show, Nov. 20-21, 2015 in Honolulu, HI. Tickets are on sale now via an internet presale, with the general sale beginning 9/8. Visit the above link for more details.

  • since 8/11/15:

    • Kurt Browning has withdrawn from the World Figure Championship in Lake Placid due to family obligations that prevent him from traveling to Lake Placid that week.

    • Kurt will skate in the Superstars of Skating show, Nov. 27, 28, and 29, 2015 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Tickets are not yet on sale.

    • Kurt's older son Gabriel is playing a recurring character on the Hannibal TV series, and will appear in this week's episode, Thu Aug. 13 on CityTV in Canada, and Sat Aug. 15 on NBC. He also appeared briefly in an episode a couple weeks ago, which can be watched online on NBC.com.

    • Kurt MC'ed Highlands Opera Studio's Gala in the Gardens fundraiser on Saturday, Aug. 8: Big sounds and big ideas Under the Big Tent

  • since 7/3/15:

  • since 6/16/15:

  • since 6/8/15:

  • since 5/27/15:

    • My photos from the last show of the 25th anniversary Canadian Stars on Ice tour are up: Vancouver Stars on Ice Photos. The Supertramp number again has a ton of photos and a couple bugs - they are out of order due to the file numbers wrapping around, and if you click on a photo on the 2nd or 3rd page, it goes to the wrong photo. To get to the right photo, add 36 to the index in the URL for the 2nd page, and 72 to the index in the URL for the 3rd page. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    • Some more articles on Stars on Ice:
  • since 5/16/15:

  • since 5/12/15:

    • I've fallen terribly behind in updating this site, and I apologize. FYI, I maintain Kurt's Facebook Page, which is usually somewhat more up to date, and my Twitter feed is also usually a bit more up to date than this page (due to convenience of updating from my phone). I will try to get this page more up to date over the next few weeks.

    • The 25th anniversary Canadian Stars on Ice tour, choreographed and co-directed by Kurt, is currently in progress. I attended the Toronto and Hamilton shows last weekend, and wrote this very long review. Warning, spoilers! Photos still to come.

    • The Winnipeg Free Press has a good preview article talking to Kurt about the tour: Canadian figure-skating legend Kurt Browning lacing them up for 25th Stars on Ice tour.

    • Tickets for Halloween on Ice, visiting 15 cities in the US and Canada this October, go on sale May 13. Kurt will co-direct and choreograph the show, as well as skate in it alongside Nancy Kerrigan, Nicole Bobek, Alissa Czisny, Shawn Saywer, and Jozef Sabovcik. More skaters to be announced soon. IceNetwork has more details.

    • Kurt will be choreographing and skating in the Artistry on Ice tour, visiting Taiwan and China in July. Tickets go on sale in June. I will post more details later.

    • Here's a slightly different article talking to Kurt about his (newfound) workout routine, and how he stays in shape. Kurt Browning lifting weights to keep fit

  • since 2/10/15:

  • since 2/7/15:

  • since 2/2/15:

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