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The Stars on Ice tour has featured some of the biggest names in professional figure skating since its inception. The following are some, though not all, of the major skaters that have been in the tour in recent years.

Tina Tyan Oksana Baiul: 1994 Olympic Gold Medalist, and 1993 World Champion, Ukrainian skater Oksana Baiul quickly rose to prominence during the media-saturated 1994 Olympics (the year of Tonya and Nancy), beating Nancy Kerrigan by just 0.1 points, and capturing the hearts of the world with her sad past (Oksana was orphaned at the age of 13) and triumphant victory. Unfortunately, the sudden fame and lack of parental guidance took its toll, as Oksana spiraled more out of control, partying, and eventually getting into an auto accident that led to rehabilitation for alcoholism, and the decision to turn her life around. In recent years, Oksana has gotten engaged, and staged a comeback in skating, joining Stars on Ice as a guest skater for the 2003-2004 tour, and reviving one of her most famous programs - "Swan Lake."

Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov: Bechke & Petrov were the 1992 Olympic Silver Medalists and four-time World Pro Silver Medalists until they won the competition in 1996. Beautiful artistic skaters and brilliant technicians, this pair also proved they could "rock" with their hot interpretation of "Whole Lotta Love" in the opening number of the '97-'98 SOI tour. At the conclusion of the 1999-2000 tour, Elena Bechke decided to stop touring to pursue other aspects of her life. Denis Petrov continued to skate with Stars on Ice for the next two years and in other shows, lifting practically everyone in the show, including Scott Hamilton in 2001's Tunnel Vision. Denis married Chen Lu in China on July 8, 2005, and lives and coaches with her in China.

Copyright Tina Tyan Elena Berezhnaya & Anton Sikharulidze: The other half of the 2002 Olympic pairs controversy, 2002 Olympic Gold Medalists Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze are also 2-time World Champions and 4-time Russian Champions. Elena and Anton have skated together since 1996, after Anton lent his support during Elena's recovery from a skating accident in which her former partner's skate blade sliced into her head during side-by-side camel spins. They graciously shared a podium with Sale & Pelletier during the second gold medal ceremony at the 2002 Olympics, and went pro in 2003. They joined the Stars on Ice cast in 2002.

Copyright Tina Tyan Shae-Lynn Bourne: Formerly one-half of the renowned ten-time Canadian Champion, World Champion, and multiple World medalist Canadian ice dance team Bourne & Kraatz, Shae-Lynn went solo in December of 2003, after Victor Kraatz decided to pursue opportunities outside of skating. She joined the cast of CSOI in 2004, and proved herself an able and compelling solo skater, possessing an unique style, and continuing to perform some of the moves that made her and Victor famous, such as hydroblading, on her own.

Copyright Tina Tyan Shae-Lynn Bourne & Victor Kraatz: These ten-time Canadian National Champions, 2003 World Champions, 2002 World Silver Medalist, and four-time World bronze medallists in ice dance were also members of the Canadian Stars On Ice cast from 1997-2002. After winning the World Championship in 2003, the pair continued to skate in shows for a while, before announcing the dissolution of their partnership in December of 2003. Shae-Lynn chose to continue skating solo, while Victor has decided to move on and pursue opportunities outside of skating.

Copyright Tina TyanIsabelle Brasseur & Lloyd Eisler: An extremely dynamic duo, this pair is famous for their awesome "tricks" and extremely entertaining programs. Never prone to the tried and true, they have gone as far as to switch roles, with the diminutive Brasseur dressing as the man, and the hulking Eisler dressed up as a (not incredibly attractive) woman. Five-time Canadian champions, as well as 1993 World Champions, they are members of the CSOI cast. Brasseur & Eisler announced their retirement in 2004, with the 2004 CSOI tour being their last.

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Josee Chouinard: Often a teammate's of Kurt's in the World Team Championship, as well as an Olympic team member in 1992 and 1994, Josee Choinard is a talented skater and three-time Canadian Ladies Champion. She has appeared in Kurt's You Must Remember This special, as well as Snowden, and is a good friend of Kurt. Kurt in fact wrote the foreword to Josee's new autobiography (published in 2002), All That Glitters. She was a member of the Canadian Stars on Ice cast until 2001, her last with Stars on Ice.

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Scott Hamilton: The founder and patriarch (as well as "big brother") of the tour, Scott Hamilton is a versatile skater, one of the most beloved in the world today. Four-time world-champion, four-time US national champion, Olympic Gold Medalist in 1984, his list of credentials is impressive, to say the least. However it is his skills as an entertainer as well as his people skills which has gained him the respect and admiration of fans everywhere. Scott was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1997, but has since been treated, recovered, and rejoined the tour for several more years, to the great relief of all. After 15 years of touring with Stars on Ice, Scott Hamilton decided to stop touring and let the tour find new life without him. His farewell tour with Stars on Ice was the 2000-2001 tour. Scott got married to Tracie Rose Robinson in January of 2003, and the couple welcomed their first child, Aidan, on Sept. 16, 2003. Scott rejoined the tour as a guest star in the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 tours. Scott was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in 2004, and has been responding well to treatment. For more information on Scott Hamilton:

Christine Hough and Doug Ladret: Although retired from skating, this exciting pair were an integral part of the Stars On Ice cast in the past. Their daring manouevers were enjoyable to watch, and their verve on the ice helped to contribute a great deal of fun to the Stars On Ice ensembles they participated in. Doug Ladret was recently spotted in the '97-'98 tour as a "Muse," handing out a very large check to Ekaterina Gordeeva, and continues to play a role in the Stars On Ice family. Christine Hough, married to Boston Bruins' Don Sweeney, recently gave birth to twin boys. She has been a judge at various professional skating events, including the 2001 World Ice Challenge, when Philippe Candelero leapt onto the judge's table right next to her.

Tina Tyan Sarah Hughes: Sarah Hughes is the 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist who surprised the world by coming up from 4th and taking the Gold with a near-perfect program, outskating favorites like Michelle Kwan. She is also a US silver medalist and World bronze medalist, and a student at Yale University. She took the year off to tour with Stars on Ice for the 2004-2005 season, and has returned to her studies at Yale.

Copyright Tina TyanTara Lipinski: Now in the record books as the youngest Olympic Gold Medalist ever in women's figure skating, Tara Lipinski surprised the skating world when she upstaged Michelle Kwan in the 1998 Olympics to win the gold. She stunned the skating world even more when at the age of 16, she decided to retire from eligible skating, having won a National, World, and Olympic title. Tara joined the cast of SOI in the 1998-1999 season, and brought her youthful enthusiasm to lighten up the show. She has also ventured into the acting world, appearing on various TV shows and having a recurring role on the Young and the Restless. Tara skated with Stars on Ice from 1998-2002.

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Chen Lu: Twice an Olympic Bronze Medalist (in 1994 and 1998), Chen Lu captured the hearts of fans everywhere with her emotional free skate in the 1998 Olympics. Lulu was China's first World Champion (in 1995) and Olympic medalist, and has inspired other Chinese skaters to follow her footsteps. Although she struggled after her World Championship win, due to problems with her coach and the Chinese federation, Lulu found the strength and the determination to rebound with her stunning Olympic performance. She joined the Stars on Ice cast from 1998-2002 after turning pro in 1998. Chen Lu was also named to People's 50 Most Beautiful People magazine, in 1996. Lulu married Denis Petrov on July 8, 2005 in China, where she lives and works as the chief director of an ice skating club.

Copyright Tina Tyan Jenni Meno & Todd Sand: Three-time US pairs champions Meno & Sand also have a World silver medal and two bronze medals under their belts. Formerly paired with other skaters, the two came together to skate in 1992 and were married in 1995. Meno & Sand are known for their romantic numbers on tour. Meno & Sand skated with the Stars on Ice tour from 1998 through 2004, and Jenni gave birth to their son Jack in December of 2004.

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Renee Roca and Gorsha Sur: Two-time US National champions in ice dancing, and 1997 World Professional champions, Roca and Sur brought their exciting and dramatic brand of skating to Stars on Ice in 1997, winning audiences over with their beautiful performance to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman's Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro), as well as their hilarious portrayal of "Gorky and Park" in Fun and Games. Unable to compete in the 1994 Olympic Games because of a misunderstanding with the USFSA, they nevertheless went on to become quite successful, in both the amateur and pro ranks. Renee and Gorsha decided to stop touring in 2001, choosing instead to branch out in different directions without the stressful touring life. However, after a year's hiatus, they rejoined the tour for one more year in 2002.

Tina Tyan Emanuel Sandhu: Three-time Canadian champion (and five-time Canadian silver medalist) Emanuel Sandhu joined the cast of the Canadian Stars on Ice tour as a special guest star in 2005, skating at the Vancouver and Victoria stops. Widely acknowledged as an artistic and highly talented skater, Emanuel is an inconsistent competitor but a dynamic performer and entertainer and a fun guest star with the Stars on Ice tour.

Copyright Tina Tyan Elvis Stojko - 2-time Olympic silver medalist, 3-time World Champion, and 7-time Canadian champion Elvis Stojko was known as the "Quad King" in his early eligible days. While countryman Kurt Browning was credited with the first quad, Elvis was credited with landing the first quad combinations (quad-double and quad-triple) in competition, and helped to make the quad an essential part of competition. Elvis is known for following his own style and remaining true to himself, rather than trying to fit into the mold of the traditional artistic skater. He is also an active athlete off the ice, winning the 1995 Canadian Wushu championship and the silver at the 1995 World Kung Fu Championship. Elvis joined the Canadian Stars on Ice tour for the first time in 2006.

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Rosalynn Sumners: Silver medalist by 1/10 of a point to Katarina Witt's 1984 Olympic gold, Rosalynn Sumners is a charter member of the Stars On Ice group. Also the 1983 World Champion, Roz was the "Iron Woman" of the tour, famous for having never missed a performance. After 13 years of touring, Roz finally decided to retire from the tour in 1999. She still commentates for a number of different channels, however, and is very much involved in the skating world.

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean: Widely renowned as the premier ice dancing couple of the past two decades, Torvill and Dean have won more competitions and received more perfect 6's than can be counted. Widely respected by skaters, fans, and judges alike, they have brought their artistic abilities into the Stars On Ice tour, and helped to shape a great deal of the choreography of the group numbers, the Red Hat ensemble of 1996-1997 in particular. Although they no longer tour with Stars On Ice, Christopher Dean, in particular, is heavily involved in choreography for the show as director and choreographer of the tour.

Copyright Tina Tyan Katarina Witt: This two-time Olympic Gold medalist is widely acknowledged as one of the most well-known and sexy female skaters around. A superstar in her own right, she has performed in many different forms of media, from the ice to TV to motion picture, including a role in Ronin. She has won an Emmy for "Carmen on Ice" and even raps a little on the soundtrack to the Ice Princess. Katarina left the tour for a while but rejoined for the 2001-2002 tour as part of the triumvirate of Olympic Ladies Gold Medalists.

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Paul Wylie: Although he retired from skating after the 1997-1998 season, 1992 Olympic silver medalist Paul Wylie was an important member of the Stars On Ice cast for many years. A Harvard grad, Paul Wylie returned to Harvard in the fall of 1998 to study at Harvard Business School. An unexpected Olympic medalist in 1992, Paul has since carved out a respected position in the professional ranks, winning several major competitions. Famous for his dramatic interpretations of movie soundtrack music, Paul was noted for his line and his fast spins. After a number of years in the business world, Paul returned to skating in the 2003-2004 season, rejoining SOI as a guest skater, and proving that all those years off the ice hadn't taken from his ability to mesmerize on the ice. Paul and his wife Kate welcomed their first child, Hannah, on Dec. 9, 2003. For more information:

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Kristi Yamaguchi: One of the most consistent and beloved female skaters in the professional ranks today, Kristi Yamaguchi has kept up the technical abilities that won her the 1992 Olympic Gold Medal, while simultaneously polishing her artistic and entertaining abilities. Formerly a pairs skater with Rudy Galindo, Kristi began training at the Royal Glenora Club, home of Kurt Browning, before her first place finish at the Worlds in 1991, and her subsequent Olympic gold. Now a successful pro skater, Kristi is the author of Figure Skating for Dummies, has a CD-ROM, and heads her own "Always Dream" Foundation. The 2001-2002 tour marked Kristi's last with Stars on Ice as a full-time cast member, as she looked to move on with her life with her husband, hockey player Bret Hedican. Kristi and Bret welcomed their first child, Keara Kiyomi Hedican, on Oct. 1, 2003. Kristi rejoined SOI as a guest star for the 2003-2004 tour. She is expecting her second child in November 2005.