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Of course, one of the most essential parts of any organization like this are the skaters themselves. They are the centerpiece of the tour, and keep the audience coming. The following are the current (2006-2007) skaters in the US and Canadian tours. For past skaters, click here.

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US Tour (Smuckers):

US Tour Guest Stars:

Canadian Tour (HSBC, 2007 cast):

Past Skaters

Tina Tyan Todd Eldredge: The "most decorated" male skater of his time, Todd Eldredge's extensive career has included six US National titles, the 1996 World title, and five other World medals (3 silver, 2 bronze). He has won US national titles at the novice, junior, and senior levels. Like Kurt Browning, he was a three-time Olympian but never medaled. His highest placement was 4th at the 1998 Olympic Games in Nagano. Todd turned pro directly after the 2002 Olympic Games, and joined the Stars on Ice tour. His first performance was on Feb. 26, 2002. Todd has signed to a six-year contract with Stars on Ice. One interesting thing to note is that Todd is a clockwise spinner and jumper.

Tina Tyan Alexei Yagudin: 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist Alexei received 4 perfect 6.0's in presentation for his free skate at the Olympic Games. Also a four-time World Champion and three-time European Champion, Alexei was the first skater to win the Grand Prix, Europeans, and Worlds in one season. He trains in the US with Tatiana Tarasova. Alexei joined CSOI in 2001, and then went on to join SSOI in 2002. He officially went pro in 2003, and helps coach skaters like Brian Joubert and Andrei Griazev.

Copyright Tina Tyan Steven Cousins: British figure skater Steven Cousins (no relation to Robin) in an 8-time British National Champion who trains in Ontario at the same club as Elvis Stojko. Although he hasn't won any major international titles, Steven Cousins is a popular performer, with a great ability to engage and entertain the audience. These skills were out in full-force during the 1998-1999 tour season of SOI, as Steven Cousins played the Muse, coming out between performances to do some touch-up work to the ice. This role showcased his improvisational abilities, as well as his rapport with the audience. Steven joined the Canadian Stars on Ice tour in 1998, and the American tour in the 1998-1999 season.

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Michael Weiss: Three-time US National Champion and two-time World Bronze Medalist was a guest star on the 2005-06 Stars on Ice tour. After competing in the 1998 and 2002 Olympics, Michael made one more bid for the 2006 Olympics but fell just short at Nationals. Afterwards, Michael turned pro and joined the cast full-time for the 2006-07 Stars on Ice tour. Michael is well-known for his devotion to his family, especially his two children, and for his acrobatic maneuvers on the ice. While many skaters do a backflip, Michael is the only one to add an extra full twist to do "the Tornado." He also wears "Freedom Blades," skates with an extra edge on the heels that allow him to do moves such as the one pictured. Michael has now thrown himself fulltime into professional skating and appears in many of the professional shows.

Tina Tyan

Jason Dungjen Two-time US Pairs Champion with Kyoko Ina (1997 and 1998), placing 4th at the 1998 Winter Olympics and 1997 Worlds. Kyoko and Jason parted ways after the 1998 season. Jason married Yuka Sato in 1999, and began skating pairs with her in pro/pro-am competitions and shows. Yuka and Jason have been a reliable mainstay in the casts of many professional skating shows over the last several years, appearing in more Disson specials per year on average than any other skater. Jason also coaches, along with Yuka,

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Jamie Sale & David Pelletier: 2002 Olympic Gold Medalists, 2001 World Champions and 3-time Canadian Champions Jamie Sale and David Pelletier fast became two of the most recognizable faces at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games. Part of the pairs controversy and the recipients of dual gold medals handed out in the pairs portion of the competition due to the controversy, these two Canadians still managed to have fun at the Games, going up on stage and jamming with the Barenaked Ladies and carrying the Canadian flag in the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. Dynamic and charismatic, Sale & Pelletier turned pro after the 2002 Olympics and signed a multi-year contract with both Stars on Ice and Canadian Stars on Ice.

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Kyoko Ina & John Zimmerman: Three-time US Champions and World Bronze Medalists Ina & Zimmerman were named as two of the top ten most beautiful skaters in International Figure Skating magazine in Dec. 2001. Ina & Zimmerman have skated together since 1998, and were coached by Tamara Moskvina in their eligible days. Previous to their partnership, Kyoko competed in ladies singles, finishing 5th at US Nationals, and was a two-time US Pairs Champion with Jason Dungjen. John Zimmerman was the 1997 US National Bronze Medalist in Pairs with Stephanie Stiegler. Ina & Zimmerman turned pro after the 2001-2002 season, and joined Stars on Ice in 2002.

Tina Tyan

Yuka Sato: Yuka Sato is a 2-time Japanese Champion, 2-time Olympian, and the 1994 World Champion. She has been frequently called a "skater's skater," one whose technique and jumps are technically perfect. Her overall skating is lovely, and she has some of the nicest footwork of the female skaters. Yuka has enjoyed great success as a professional skater, winning the 2000 World Pros and the 2001 Hallmark Skaters Championship. She also skates pairs with her husband, Jason Dungjen, both in competition and in show. Yuka joined Stars on Ice for Scott Hamilton's final tour, and then came back for the 2004 tour. She has skated as both a full-time cast member and guest star.

Copyright Tina Tyan Jennifer Robinson: Six-time Canadian Champion and Olympic Team Member Jennifer Robinson joined the Canadian Stars on Ice tour in 2003. After representing Canada at Worlds for years, and placing 7th at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002, Jennifer decided to turn pro after Worlds in 2004, focusing exclusively on a blossoming pro career. Jennifer joined the 2004-2005 Stars on Ice tour as a full-time cast member for the first time.

Tina Tyan

Ekaterina Gordeeva: One of the most respected figures in skating, Ekaterina Gordeeva is a beautiful skater who has lived through one of the most famous, and tragic, stories in figure skating today. Once one half of the renowned pair affectionately known as "G&G," two-time Olympic Gold Medalists in pairs skating, Katia lost her beloved husband and pairs partner, Sergei Grinkov, in the fall of 1995. A widow at the age of 24, Katia rallied back with the support of her friends in the skating world, particularly the Stars On Ice cast, and her little daughter Daria to reenter the skating world as a singles skater. She has since proven her abilities to hold the ice alone and is one of the most graceful and beautiful women skaters on the ice today. Katia left Stars on Ice in 2000 to concentrate on raising her two daughters - Daria, and Elizaveta, her child with her second husband, Ilia Kulik - but returned as a guest star in the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 tours. For the 2006-07 tour, Katia returned as a part-time cast member, splitting the tour with Angela Nikodinov.

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Copyright Tina Tyan Angela Nikodinov: Two-time US Bronze Medalist Angela Nikodinov turned pro in the 2006-07 season, returning to the ice after a 2-year absence to the delight of skating fans. Angela went through a very painful period in her life, with the loss of her mother in a car accident on the way to the US Nationals in 2005. That accident also left Angela injured, and reassessing her life. After spending some time coaching Bulgarian Men's Champion Ivan Dinev, and coaching young skaters with him, Angela decided to return to the ice herself, this time as a professional skater. An elegant and beautiful skater, Angela is an welcome addition to the Stars on Ice cast, and split the 2006-07 tour with Ekaterina Gordeeva.

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Ilia Kulik: Ilia Kulik burst onto the scene in 1995, winning Europeans and turning heads for his enormous jumps and excellent technique. He went on to win silver at Worlds in 1996. In 1998, Ilia became the first man to win an Olympic Gold Medal with a quad, 10 years after Kurt Browning landed the first. Ilia is a dynamic performer who's won legions of fans all over the world. He was named one of People's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1998, and has been said to bear a resemblance to the actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He has also branched out from the skating world, and appeared in the movie Center Stage as a ballet dancer. Ilia officially turned pro with the World Professional Championships in Dec. 1999. He toured with Stars on Ice full time from 1998-2002, and returned as a guest star for the 2004-2005 and 2006-2007 tours.

Copyright Tina Tyan Kurt Browning: Four-time World Champion, four-time Canadian Champion, three-time World Professional Champion, four-time Canadian Pro/Open champion, three-time Olympian for Canada...the list goes on. This talented and charismatic skater is fast approaching his hero, Scott Hamilton, in footwork, entertainment value, and overall popularity in both the States and Canada. Kurt Browning has been a member of Chrysler Stars On Ice since 1991, and the American Stars on Ice tour since 1994, taking one year's break from the latter in 1999, and finally retiring as a full-time US SOI cast member in 2003. Renowned for his innovative programs, astonishing footwork, jumps, and choreography, Kurt's also gained a reputation for being dedicated to his fans, treating them with warmth, humor, and respect. Kurt and his wife Sonia led the crop of SOI babies in 2003, with the birth of their first child, Gabriel Browning Rodriguez, on July 12, 2003. Kurt rejoined SOI as a guest star for the 2003-2004 tour, while continuing to skate as a Canadian SOI cast member. He has continued to guest star on the tour every year since. For more information on Kurt, check out this website or follow one of the links from the links page. Or for a quick reference, here's some of the best and most informative sites:

Kimmie Meissner: 2006 World Champion and 2007 US Champion Kimmie Meissner made a huge splash in her debut at the World Championships by rising straight to the top, winning her first World title at her first World Championship. Kimmie also made a huge splash at the 2005 US Nationals, becoming the second US woman to land the triple Axel in competition. Although a very active rising star on the eligible scene, Kimmie made a special guest appearance at the opening Lake Placid show of the 2006-07 Stars on Ice tour.

Copyright Tina Tyan Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto: 4-Time US Champions Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto won the USA's first Olympic medal in ice dance in 30 years when they won silver at the 2006 Olympics in Turin. A dynamic and very attractive duo, Tanith and Ben had a bit of drama before the Olympics, trying to get Canadian-born Tanith US citizenship in time to compete for the US at the Olympics. They got it, and made a definite impression at those Olympics. In between training for Worlds, Belbin & Agosto will make several special guest appearances during the 2007 Stars on Ice tour.

Copyright Tina Tyan Emily Hughes: 2006 US Bronze Medalist, and 2007 US Silver Medalist Emily Hughes had a dream come true when she represented the USA at the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin, in her very first season as a senior-level skater. Emily could be perceived as following in the footsteps of older sister Sarah, the 2002 Olympic Champion, but has proven to be a self-possessed, talented skater in her own right. Emily's headed for Worlds in March, but first, she's making a few stops as a guest star on the 2007 Stars on Ice tour.

Sasha Cohen: 2006 US National Champion and 2006 Olympic Silver Medalist Sasha Cohen has been a dominant force on the ladies figure skating scene for several years, winning two World silver medals, and one bronze. Sasha has been renowned as a wonderful performer and artistic skater, and has taken that side of her skating to a new level, breaking into acting and other off-ice endeavours. However, despite opting out of Nationals in the 2006-07 season, Sasha still continues to skate, and will make a few guest appearances on the 2007 Stars on Ice tour.

Copyright Tina Tyan Jeff Buttle: 2005 World Silver Medalist and 2005 Canadian Champion Jeff Buttle joined the Canadian Stars on Ice tour in 2005, riding the wave of his successful season. A podium finisher at Canadians for the last few years, Jeff is one of Canada's rising stars, well-rounded, artistic, and a skater who Kurt Browning says reminds him of himself. Although one of Jeff's long-range goals is to join Stars on Ice as a full-time cast member, and he has the love of skating and connection with the audience to succeed, he still has a great competitive career ahead of him.

Copyright Tina Tyan Joannie Rochette - 2005 Canadian Champion Joannie Rochette is one of Canada's newest rising stars. Joannie was novice Canadian champion in 2000, junior Canadian champion in 2001, and won the bronze in her first outing at the senior level at the Canadian championships in 2002. She's also the first woman to win all three major Canadian titles - novice, junior, and senior (Kurt Browning was the first man). Joannie joined the Canadian Stars on Ice tour in 2005 as a special guest star at the Montreal and London shows.

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Brian Orser: One of the two famous "Brians" embroiled in the Battle of the Brians at the Calgary Games of 1988, this two-time Olympic silver medalist, and eight-time Canadian Champion has been a member of both the American and Canadian tours. Although acknowledged as a supreme artistic skater, Brian Orser, like his countrymen Kurt Browning and Elvis Stojko, was a superb technician as well, landing the first triple Axel at the World Juniors, in the free skate at the 1984 Olympics, in the short program at the 1987 Worlds, and the first to land two Triple Axels at Worlds, also in 1987. The 2002 Canadian Stars on Ice tour was Brian's last until the 2007 tour, as he left to concentrate more fully on Skate the Nation, the tour that he both directs and choreographs. The 2007 tour will be Brian's last, and his chance to say goodbye to touring and Canada.

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Marie-France Dubreuil & Patrice Lauzon: Four-time Canadian champions Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon made a strong impression at the 2006 Olympic games, but not for the reasons they would have liked. During their original dance, Marie-France took a terrible fall on a rotating lift, crashing to the ice and injuring herself so severely that they had to withdraw from the Olympics. The two rallied quickly, though, and came back to win a silver medal at the World Championships three weeks later. Marie-France and Patrice join the Canadian Stars on Ice cast for the first time in 2007.